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Grimbergen Blanche 0.75 L.

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NB! Beer can only be shipped to EU countries due to customs duty.

Grimbergen Blanche is an unclean orange-spotted wheat beer and poures a dense white foam. The beer smells fresh and sour of coriander and citrus with a little spicy aftertaste. The taste offers a soft mouthful with a freshly sour sweetness and a discreetly spicy aftertaste. Served for sushi, sashimi, steamed fish and mussels. In addition, a good aromatic accompaniment to spicy Vietnamese and Thai dishes.

Beer type: Wheat beer
Origin: Belgium
ABV: 6,0%
Volume: 75 cl
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, glucose syrup, wheat malt, spices, aromatic caramel, hop extract

DKK 39.00