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Jacobsen BRØ&ØL 0.75 L

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NB! Beer can only be shipped to EU countries due to customs duty.

Jacobsen BRØ&ØL is the first Jacobsen beer brewed on bread. Some of the malt has been replaced with artisan bread which gives a classic “Saison” aroma profile with a mix of spiced and fruity notes and a minimum of bitterness.
The beer is brewed in collaboration with Jalm&B for Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival 2018.

Beer type: Saison brewed with Artison bread
Origin: Denmark
ABV: 6,5%
Volume: 75 cl
Ingredients: Water, organic barley malt, organic sourdough bread ((water, organic wheat flour, organic whole wheat sourdough, (water, organic whole wheat flour) organic wheat sourdough (organic wheat flour, water, yeast), organic coarsely grounded öland wheat flour, organic wheat flakes, salt with iodine)), carbon dioxide, organic hops and yeast.

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