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Jacobsen Porter 0.75 L.

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NB! Beer can only be shipped to EU countries due to customs duty.

Jacobsen Porter is a traditional top-fermented porter with depth in both taste and aroma. The peat-smoked malt from Danish Stauning Whisky enriches with an elegant complexity. Jacobsen Porter is a tar black porter with a dense creamy foam crown. The taste is powerful with a rich soft sweetness and protracted bitterness in good balance. The aroma is dominated by the malt’s chocolate-like aromas, complemented by smoke and coffee.

Food pairings
Jacobsen Porter is a powerful match for heavy dishes and for pure self indulgence in front of the fireplace.

Beer type: Porter 
Origin: Denmark
ABV: 6,5%
Volume: 75 cl
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, oats, wheat malt, carbondioxide and hops.

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