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Carlsberg - Liverpool FC Champions 24x0.5 L.

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NB! The can is currently not available in Denmark due to bottle deposit. Any orders from Denmark will be cancelled. 

You can feel it from the streets of Liverpool to the four corners of the globe. A passion that has been shared by Carlsberg since 1992. Now, nearly 30 years on we raise a glass to the Premier League champions. To the team, the club, the fans, the entire LFC family. Cheers to you!

Carlsberg is celebrating Liverpool FC’s Premier League title win by launching a limited edition ‘champions can’ for fans across the world. The limited-edition packaging sees Carlsberg switch its iconic green colour to Liverpool FC’s equally iconic redThe Champions can features Liverpool FC’s crestplayer signatures and replaces the words ‘1847 onwards’ (a reference to Carlsberg’s 173 year heritage) with the words ‘Champions, 2020 onwards’. 

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Beer type: Pilsner
Origin: Denmark
ABV: 5,0%
Volume: 24x50 cl
Ingredients: Water, barley malt & hops.

DKK 480.00